Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cleanse Day 7

Welcome back beloved readers to Diary of A Girl on the 21 Day Cleanse! I have just completed DAY 7 and I’m feeling incredible! I have stuck loyally to the cleanse as instructed with a little mustard or salsa (just a teeny bit for taste)! As you know from my last blog entry, I’m tired of eating the same thing. Now, to Bryen Pinkard’s credit, I understand that 21 days of exciting menus is not only difficult but slightly contrary to the point. So I’m taking it in stride, as I typically don’t even eat leftovers the next day, but wait a day to do so!

I have also been loyal to my workout routine. Training regularly with my trainer, doing yoga and I’m doing some cardio on my own on the off/yoga days. Jump roping mostly because I’ve sworn off the BSC and anyway I can jump rope right in my own apartment! Imagine the horror of the neighbors below! Luckily because of all the box jumps I’ve been forced to do since commencing training with a professional, I know how to land like a cat!!

In my first week I noticed some major changes in my life! The first thing would be the way I feel. Unfortunately, its difficult to describe, but generally I feel energized, healthy and I’m not getting hungry! That is the most amazing thing to me. I’m eating the proper calories, according to Bryen, but because the foods are “whole” and therefore, more satisfying. I’m even having to remind myself that its time to eat!

The other thing I’m noticing is my energy levels and ability to continue with my workouts. Initially, I assumed I’d be too tired to carry on as normal. However, I’m doing fine. In fact, in my session yesterday morning it appeared that I am stronger and more focused. I attribute this to breakfast! In the past I would have a greek yogurt and some granola for breakfast. I am now having a much more complete breakfast and apparently it’s giving me the energy I need to perform during my workouts. Who would have thought my trainer and friend (who is also a trainer is Cali) would be right when preaching to me to eat more breakfast! Give me a break! I’m a Spencer, stubbornness runs in my family!

I will say I’m glad to be done with week one. I’m tired of the food and actually looking forward to next week’s schedule. Mostly b/c there’s a variation on breakfast and my favorite thing from week 1’s breakfast is now part of my lunch!

As far as body image goes I’m feeling trimmer and Josh, my husband, is noticing a difference just looking at me. Which is really saying something since he sees me everyday! And regardless of how interested you are in getting healthier, there’s no motivation like seeing your body get sexier!

So I weighed in this morning and I came in at 111 pounds. This is a total of 6 pounds for week one. This is absolutely an incredible result. However, my first reaction was to be a bit concerned that I’m losing more weight than I want to. I have to believe that my body is going to stop losing weight when it needs to, but 111 is one pound less that my original trainer suggested I should weigh. Funny thing is, at that time I weighed 128 pounds and I laughed at him! 

I'm thinking about adding a piece of wheat toast with natural peanut butter to my breakfast a few times this week to add some healthy calories. We'll see, I'll let ya know!

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