Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cleanse Day 15

I’m on my way to the seamstress I normally avoid like the plague due to her constant yelling at me with regards to my desired pant length! You’re probably asking yourself why I would willingly do this to myself. Two weeks and one day ago I bought a gorgeous lace teal dress for the holiday party I’m attending on December 17. Today it does not fit!

I have just completed Week Two and I’m totally fired up. I weighed myself this morning and I’m down 8 pounds total weighing in at a whopping 109! Today I am celebrating this figure. Partly because it’s a total loss of 2 pounds for the week and not quite as daunting as the 6 I lost last week!

There have been some major challenges this week. You may not know this about me, but I’m pretty social. Typically that presents itself as drinks or dinner out with friends or drinks and some kind of activity. Drinks and dinner is really no longer an option, so last Saturday I was dying to get out of the house. I suggested bowling at this fabulous candlepin bowling alley that also makes terrific flatbread pizza. I looked at their menu and they had a raw veggie salad that I could eat. Josh and I invited our friend Ray and it was done and done. We get there and take a seat at the bar. Josh has a beer, I have a water. Josh orders a pizza, I order a salad. Mentally I’m fine until the point that Josh leans over and proceeds to moan and tell me how delicious his pizza is! Oooooook well that sucked! But I didn’t give in knowing that I was going to have some fun as soon as we got to the bowling! And it was fine. Then on Monday I started my new job with the American Cancer Society. They all wanted to take me out to lunch and what a sweet gesture: I could not turn them down. So I thought about it and had a raw salad even though that was supposed to be my dinner. I ended up just having the lunch food for dinner. Then on Friday my office had their holiday party. They had Chinese food and a cookie swap. I had my regularly scheduled lunch. But since I work with the most fabulous people they were very supportive and inquired about the cleanse. Which was super helpful and I consider myself lucky to have been in their company circumstances as they were! I did partake in the cookie swap, but I just bundled my cookies up real tight and I’ll have a few of them post-cleanse!

That brings us to today. Three days this week I added a piece of whole wheat toast and Teddie unsalted peanut butter because I was so worried about the extreme weight loss from the first week. So when I woke up this morning, I fully expected to have gained a pound or two despite the fact that I’m feeling trimmer. Well friends, I was wrong wrong wrong wrong! I had lost two, as mentioned earlier. The results are now what is keeping me motivated and I think Week Three is going to be a BREEEEEEEZE! On the cleanse document, Bryen mentions that week three is the hardest, but in my case I think he’s going to be wrong here! I’m pumped! 

So lets talk about my workouts. I’m still working out as scheduled. And in my workout this morning, I maxed out at 145 pounds in my deadlift. In case you are not great at math, that’s well over 100% of my body weight! I’m getting stronger. Now, part of this has to be attributed to my trainer and his hard work getting me here. But I think my body just feels so great that it’s allowing me to really push myself physically in the gym!

Here’s the other new and most exciting part of this for me! My back fat is gone (in appearance, I have not measured it)! For whatever reason I carry a lot of my body fat in my back, you know where I’m talking ladies. Right where your bra wraps around you! I used to be so embarrassed and self-conscious about this part of my body. I have an abnormal amount of self-esteem, but this was always something challenging for me! Well bye bye back fat! And hello new attitude! I promise to be the sweet and kind person I always was, but there’s definitely a little hitch in my giddy-up!

Well that’s about it! Bring it Week 3!!

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