Friday, September 9, 2011


Alright beloved followers. I've dropped the ball a bit with the blog. I've been traveling my face off (i.e. two trips to the west coast) and haven't been cooking! Blasphemy, I know. With a weakened immune system due mainly to this traveling I'm sick as a dog so I unfortunately have failed you again. Unless you wish to hear about last night's chicken noodle soup in bed watching Mary Poppins! I didn't think so. So the bone I'm going to throw you is a great restaurant recommendation.

Tonight Josh and I ate at East by Northeast in Inman Square. I'm not going to go through the 11, that's right, 11 courses one by one. What I will say is that when you go, do not expect sesame chicken and lo mein. This is the most innovative "chinese" food I've ever seen.

We sat at the bar and both of the waitress were super nice, but also funny and they were both happy to talk food with us. There was an edamame and corn course that was super. So I was chatting with the waitress about it to which her quote was, "It's the corn!" So why is it the corn my friends??? Come to find out, Phillip, the owner and chef picks up the ingredients for his menu at the farmers' market. Duh, it's corn season!

So we went through the courses and you can tell the veggies are super fresh and they even taste local. I don't know, they were just better. According to the waitress the menu changes every season, but the seasonal menus also change slightly just depending on what's looking good at the farmers' market. Additionally, they always have an 8 course "chef's tasting" which is whatever comes out of Phillip's head! And what a genius head it is!

Side note, East by Northeast is in the same square as Christina's and Toscanini's and Chef Phillip is even making his own ice cream!  It was delish too!

So friends, get down to East by Northeast for some local fresh chinese food! They're at 1128 Cambridge Street, Cambridge.

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