Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bathroom Rennovations

Apologies to those of you followers who expect a witty and informational blog post on Thursday nights! I have decided that I cannot live in this apartment any longer without doing something to the surface of my bathroom! I know, I've been living her 4 years now and I should have done this before, but I've reached the edge of my sanity. So tonight I am sanding, taping, and painting. Therefore, I will not have time to bring you your regularly scheduled food blog. For those of you who feel that I have failed you I would like to offer a white flag. I must quickly recommend a new treat that I found in my farmers' market last weekend! This wondrous fruit is called a husk cherry. Contrary to its name, it is, in fact, a tomato! It's a wee little tomato. Cute as a bugs ear! But when you take it out of its husk, it tastes like a really sweet something....perhaps...gasp...a cherry! And sans the ever dangerous pit! They are delightful. I threw them in a not so much. I think from now on I'll eat them by themselves as a healthy snack at work! Check them out at the Union Square Farmers' Market or one local to you! Support your local growers!!!! xoxo

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