Saturday, December 17, 2011

The New Meags....Day 21!

When I began Bryen Pinkard’s 21 Day Cleanse, I was only a couple pounds over the weight I wanted to be. I am lucky enough to have loads of friends and loved ones that regularly tell me I’m beautiful. So in my mind, I wanted to tone up, get healthy and be a happier me! But when I decided to commit to this, I had NO IDEA that the results would be what they were. I’ve said before that I have an abnormal amount of self esteem, but now….FUGETABOUTIT! I’m elated with my results and my new body!

So let me first break it down a bit since I think it would be helpful for anyone thinking about improving their health and body to know exactly what you’re in for.

As I said before, the first week of the cleanse was the most physically challenging for me. I was eating so much over and over that the gag reflex kicked in early and a few of those meals I was literally choking down. Not because they tasted bad, but because I had eaten them the day before and the day before. So when you go into Week 1, know this and be prepared physically to eat…and I mean a lot of chewing too! You’ll know why when you purchase the Cleanse yourself.

Week 2 was better for me. It was less food. Still enough food, but not so much and a “special brew” that was really delightful for me. I’d say Week 2 was the easiest week. I had all my energy and then some and was not so bored with food. Plus the results at the end of Week 2 had me REVVED UP! I could see my body taking a different shape.

Week 3 was a completely different type of challenge. Mentally, Week 3 is killer. DON’T MISTAKE WHAT I’M SAYING….it is totally doable! Remember, I’m a foodie! I love to eat and I love food! However, mentally you have to get yourself around a lot in Week 3. I can’t give too much away about what I was eating, but suffice to say it was far less than what I normally eat. BUT…I wasn’t hungry. That was the most baffling thing for me. When I got hungry, there was a remedy and I was fine. But I was third party to a mind against body battle! My head was telling me something totally different from my body. Which I find very interesting…my mind needed to be retrained.

I continued through my workouts in Week 3. My awesome trainer, Anthony Ortiz, modified my workouts a bit to match my energy levels in Week 3, but as far as I’m concerned, we both did a great job! P.S. If you live in the Boston area and are interested in getting in better shape, you definitely need to get in touch with him. I did not do any yoga in Week 3. Partly because my new job made it tough to find time for workouts and yoga and partly because I do yoga in a 90 degree room, and I didn’t want to push it too much in that kind of heat. I probably would have been fine, but…it is what it is.

So how do I feel three weeks later? I feel happy, I feel healthy, I feel TERRIFIC! Seriously. My body feels, for lack of better word, cleansed. I actually feel healthier, my energy levels are high and my focus is much better. I’m thinking more clearly and I’m effin happy! So how’s that for results?

So what am I going to do now? Honestly, it’s a scary to be back to choosing my own food besides the fact that I’m ready to eat it. I know I need to change my eating a bit to keep my body feeling and looking this good. So what have I learned and how will I apply it? The first and most important thing is that motivation and determination always breed success! Period. No one will ever convince me otherwise. I have reached a goal I didn’t even know was possible. The other thing I’ve learned is that I’m not eating a proper breakfast. I always thought, for reasons unknown, that breakfast was supposed to be small. On average, I was consuming around 150 calorie breakfasts. I’m over that. I learned by doing that having your calories and carbs in the morning fuels you for your day. In addition to that, you burn those calories all day rather than right before you go to bed! I would not be telling you this if my body did not just prove the benefits of a proper breakfast. I realize this seems like common sense, but you ask 10 people what they eat for breakfast and I bet most people are either not eating enough or are choosing unhealthy breakfast foods.

So Mr. Pinkard, I believe you’ve got a winning, fail proof way to get healthy and bring your fitness to another level. I think you are undercharging for the product you have. (Just $19.99 on ) Here’s my problem with your system. After the 3 weeks, I have a new and improved body and a new attitude, but no idea why it worked. I don’t know what foods are doing what to my body and why. I don’t really know the concept behind it, which would allow me to carry on in my regular life. So my challenge to you Bryen Pinkard, is to charge an extra $5.00 and give your customers an explanation of what the foods are doing for them and why. Tell us how to continue in our lives and help create a cult of people dedicated to getting and STAYING in top shape and health!

So back to me! It’s confidence, not cockiness! I weighed in at the end of 21 days at 108 pounds. My body fat percentage came in at 20.3 and my body mass index at 20.5. If you remember from my first blog, I weighed 117 with a body fat percentage of 24.2 and a body mass index of 22.1. Let me do this math for you. That comes out to:

Weight loss:          9 pounds
Body fat loss:        3.9%
BMI reduction:     1.6

HELLO! I lost almost 4% of my body fat in THREE WEEKS!

So here’s the part you’ve been waiting for. Before & After Pics. Click on them for bigger images. You’ll notice my change in sports bra. This is because the white one is now so big it completely defeats the purpose of a SPORTS bra!

Before Front

After Front

Before Back

After Back

Before Side

After Side

So thank you to everyone who supported me through this. Josh my husband, who supported me through the challenges and was my personal cheerleader. Bryen, for coming up with this amazing tool that I’ll use for the rest of my life. Anthony Ortiz, who pushed me physically to be my best even when I whole-heartedly resisted! And thanks to everyone who gave me encouraging words. If you plan to do this cleanse, get yourself a support system in place…IT JUST WORKS!

I’m happy as a clam and why shouldn’t I be?

And good luck to all you future 21 Day Cleansers! If you’re not sold by now, you never will be!


  1. Way to go Meagan!! Based on the photos and your journaling I think you got a lot out of this.

    If you want to continue to explore food in this way you may want to check out

    Can't wait to eat with you soon... ;)

  2. Thanks Guido! For sure, the Fall of Union has fallen :( lol